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The chain of MERCAS is formed by 23 Alimentary Units.
Besides Mercazaragoza they are:
Mercalgeciras, Mercalicante, Mercasturias, Mercabadajoz, Mercabarna, Mercabilbao, Mercacórdoba, Mercagalicia, Mercagranada, Mercairuña, Mercajerez, Mercalaspalmas, Mercaleon, Mercamadrid, Mercamálaga, Mercamurcia, Mercapalma, Mercasalamanca, Mercasantander, Mercasevilla, Mercatenerife and Mercavalencia.

The total surface of 23 MERCAS is 7 million square meters, from which about a million there are a clear surface of Markets and more than 2 millions correspond to the Areas of Complementary Activities.

About 3.650 companies work here, from which about 2.200 are wholesalers installed on the Markets of Fruits and Vegetables, Caught, Flowers and Meats; and the rest there are companies dedicated to complementary activities of distribution, logistic services or of attention to the users of the PURCHASES.

The increasing commercial and services activities developed in MERCAS increase transit of persons and of all kinds of vehicles. Across 23 Alimentary Units pass approximately 18 million vehicles (65.000 vehicles). As for the buyers' inflow - both retailers and wholesalers, hotel trade and restoration, or institutional demand - the average of daily assistance is already calculated in approximately 90.000 users.

Quotas of Market

The commercialized volumes represent an important quota of market of the MERCAS –
Which is as a part of the entire consumption that has been commercialized by the wholesale companies implanted in the Alimentary Units - that, included all the services
(Wholesale Markets and ZAC), it represents between 70 and 75 % of the fruits and vegetables that are consumed in Spain and about 60 % of the fish ones and seafood.

As for meats, there is estimated an approximate participation of 20 % on the whole of bovine, sheep and porcine.

On the other hand, the quotas mentioned above reach maximum levels if we take as a reference the consumption in the areas of influence the nearest to every Alimentary Unit of the chain of MERCAS.


In absolute terms, the global sales of fruits and vegetables in the chain of MERCAS amount annually to approximately 4,1 million tons.

For their part, the entire sales of fishing products, fresh and frozen in the Network of MERCAS, amount to approximately 500.000 tons

In case of the meats, it promotes commercialization of 175.000 tons of meat products.

The commercial activity in the Alimentary Units generates an important daily movement of perishable products on the Wholesale Markets of the chain of MERCAS, which estimated in 23 million kilos between fruits, vegetables, fish and meats.

It would be necessary to add to all this activity the tonnages that are recorded directly to the airsheds of manipulation and distribution of the Areas of Complementary Activities, and that keep on growing in a spectacular way both for the diversification of activities of the
wholesale companies and for the requirements of the demand proceeding from the companies of retail distribution.

In such a sense, the global commercialization in the cain of MERCAS - including the Wholesale Markets and the Areas of Complementary Activities are 5 million tons of fruits and vegetables, 650.000 tons in fishing products and concerning 200.000 tons in meats.

Economic value

The products commercialized on the Wholesale Markets of the MERCAS reach an economic value superior to 6.000 million euros, to which it is necessary to add the activities that are developed in the so called Areas of Complementary Activities (ZAC), so the entire value of the products commercialized annually in the chain of MERCAS rises up to nearly 10.000 million of euros.




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