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mercazaragoza: logistics platform

Mercazaragoza is the logistic Food Platform that works in the whole Vale of the Ebro.
A wide and advanced concept of the modern food distribution that confronts new conceptions placed on solid bases of future:


The privileged place of Zaragoza places us in the centre of the area of consumption of 17 million consumers.


Highway accessibility , placed in close vicinity to the highway Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona and with direct linkage to all the highways
Railway accessibility, the railway station is situated close to the platform
• Eight kilometers of the airport


Market of wholesalers:
• Diversification: Fruits and Vegetables, Fish and Meats
• Quality and food safety
• Market with origin and destination

Zone for Complementary Activities:

Industrial cold, more than 140 companies, SIGE Integral System of Management of Packings, companies of distribution, infrastructures of support, Cash and Carry, petrol station, workshop, Truck Center, consultant service...

Business center:

• Arento: Cooperative group of food and agriculture of Aragon
• FACA: Federation of Aragon of Agrarian Co-operatives
• Centrorigen: : General direction of Promotion...Food and agriculture DGA. Products D. O. Aragón y “C” ...of Food Quality.
• Agricultural Market of the Ebro
•Center of Alimentary Education: Professional higher education.


Marine Terminal of Zaragoza TMZ connected by means of railroad with national ports, this turns Mercazaragoza into the logistic alimentation platform of export of the Valle del Ebro.


Different floors are available. Consult our commercial department.

Ctra. de Cogullada, 65 • 50014 Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel.: +34 976 464 180 • Fax: +34 976 461 181
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