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The food and agriculture city of the Vale of the Ebro that is Mercazaragoza offers a series of services that award a distinguishing value which you can appreciate joining us:

We have own laboratory and veterinary group under the aegis of the Government of Aragón.

Safety zone, streets, roars and parking are conveniently signed for you better access to our centre and easy manoeuvrability.
The access are realised by main entrance with four gates where the habitual users gain access by means of professional card to the flow of traffic and guaranteeing the fluency.

An effective service of prevention of incidents is carried by means of security guards, technology and mechanical transport 24 hours a day. Besides the security guards that work in Mercazaragoza the special security service is employed to provide the highest reliability and safety for the clients.

Mercazaragoza is a platform that understands all the services and facilities that the operators demand and for it there are realized important annual investments of renewal, modernization, adaptation to normative piece of news of safety and health in the work and incorporation of new services.
Urban development, roads, access roads, parkings, landscape design, signing, organising furnishment, sanitation, systems of illumination, buildings, wharves …
Everything to keep on growing. Everything to keep on constructing the big reality that today is Mercazaragoza.


ENVIRONMENT CLEANLINESS: Mercazaragoza dedicates an important quantity of means to obtain a correct grade of cleanliness being provided with proper personnel and with the services of FCC for cleanliness and collection of residues.


SIGE: We want to emphasize in this point Integral System of Management of Packings SIGE, started with the year 2006 to give service to the Market of Fruits and Vegetables.

Mercazaragoza dispose an important quantity of space destined for green spaces with permanent maintaining service.

- Deposit of water reservation.
- Lightning rod.
- Service of general information.
- Mailbox.
- Snack bars / restaurants.
- Services W.C.
- Rodent control, fumigation and general disinfection.
- Balance for trucks.
- Combined Insurance of risks for every Shop floor.
- Fire protection team in every shop floor.
- Fire detection team in every shop floor.
- Independent power and water supply in every Shop floor.
- Telephonic presetting in every shop floor.
- System of water supply to every plot.
- Emergency Generators in every shop floor.
- Auditorium for rent.

Ctra. de Cogullada, 65 • 50014 Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel.: +34 976 464 180 • Fax: +34 976 461 181
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