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1968 Formation of the corporation
1972 Opening of Mercazaragoza and of the Central Market of Fruits and Vegetables
1976 End of the construction of the Slaughterhouse
1980 Start of working of the Slaughterhouse
1981 Opening of the Slaughterhouse
1984 Opening of the Fish Market
1986 Homologation of the Slaughterhouse for export to the C.E.E.
1987 Beginning of the investments in the Z.A.C.
1988 Contract award of exploitation of Slaughterhouse
1989 Balance of the accounts of development of the Slaughterhouse
1997 Acts of celebration of 25 anniversary
2000 Removal to Mercazaragoza from the social centre Lonja Agropecuaria del Ebro
2001 Presentation activity of the Marine Terminal of Zaragoza
2002 Opening of the Business center

Alliance of events on the same space (Market of Fruits and Vegetables) of the Wholesalers of Fruits and Vegetables and Producers

2003 Opening of the instalations for Shepherds
2005 Remodelation of the Fish market
2005 Presentation of the Strategic Plan 2005-2009
Mercado de Lanuza

Antiguo Matadero

Antiguo Mercado de Pescados

Actual Mercazaragoza en los principios de su construcción

Nuevo matadero

Remodelación del Mercado de Pescados

Terminal Marítima de Zaragoza
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