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It is the most traditional market of the Food Unit and it consists of two pavilions, one destined for the commercialization of the products, in the shape of "L" and other destined for the integral management of packings.

The first one with 19.845 m2, it is destined for the establishment of the wholesalers,
with 78 positions and area with 167 modules destined for the direct sale by farmers of Zaragoza; this building is provided with all the necessary services: cameras of daily reservation, weighing, snack bar, etc. At present 36 wholesalers and 60 vegetable growers daily occupy this space. Another pavilion of 3.900 m2 is destined for the integral system of management of packings.

The commercialization in this department by wholesalers, overcomes 163 million kilos and 165 million euros.

The companies installed in Mercazaragoza, S.A. realized in 2005 172.155 tons of fruits and vegetables, number similar to the realized ones in 2004, of which 90.891 tons of fruits were sold by wholesalers and 674 by vegetable growers and 75.483 tons of vegetables were realized by wholesalers and 5.107 vegetable growers . The aging of the productive sector and the absence of generation change do that year after year the commercialization and the presence of local products are marked down.

The most sold fruits keep on being oranges, melons, bananas and apples. The vegetables most sold also coincide with the traditional ones. The per cent of marketing of potatoes, tomatoes and lettuces sold is 57% of the whole amount of vegetables.


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