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The pavilion with area 4.789 m2 accepts 22 outlets and 17 wholesale businessmen and 150 million euros per year of business volume, with a commercial surface of 2.105 m2, wide cameras of conservation, factory of ice and other services of general character.

In the present time the commercialization of fish besides the Fish Market consists of a big polyvalent refrigerator as well as several companies installed in the Z.A.C. especially for the commercialization of frozen.

In the year 2005 39.420 tons of fish and seafood fresh and frozen were sold by the companies located in Mercazaragoza of which, 33.882 tons of fresh products and 5.538 tons of frozen products, almost 500 more tons of frozen products that the previous year. This denotes that ways of distribution are developing for example: sale to domicile, etc. Although the numbers of commercialization of the Food Unit are superior to the previous year the Wholesale Market is minifying year after year fundamentally due to the absence of generational change in the sector traditional retailer, to the high consumption of frozen products by the population and to the big competition that supposes the modern distribution for the sector.

As usual hake, dory, sardine and anchovy are the species of fresh fish most sold and achieve 50% of the all marketing.

As soon as the seafood refers, mussels, squids, cuttlefish, cockles, clams and scampi are the most commercialized species.




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