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The Marine Terminal of Zaragoza (TMZ) was founded in 2001 as result of collaboration of the Port of Barcelona, Mercazaragoza and such investors as DGA, to facilitate and to impel the exterior marine commerce of the regions of the Vale of the Ebro.

The principal target of TMZ is to encourage the exterior marine commerce of the regions of the Vale of the Ebro, bringing the marine transport, on one hand, to the operators of the region (transport and logistic operators) and for other one, to the importers and exporters, who can choose to services of major quality and more competitive. It makes possible to have the marine ports - with its services and guarantees - in the Aragonese capital.

We are in a phase of transition in that the proper railroad junction of Mercazaragoza is going to be to build.

The surface of 121.483m2 is distributed in:

Area of railroad junction: 39.117 m2
Area for facilities:        71.625 m2
Area for roads:        10.741 m2


- Logistics of charges:

Consolidation and desconsolidación of containers FCL and LCL with service of store and all the complementary services.

Operations in customs deposit (ADT, DDA, RAT).

Services of collection and distribution.

- Logistics of containers:

Deposit for empty containers

Services of storage, manipulation, cleanliness and repair

Manipulation of full containers

Services of collection and distribution

Incorporated area of transport for highway and for the operations of load / discharge on platform for portable containers.

- Transport Services:

Service of transport between Barcelona and Zaragoza, and collection and local delivery.


more information in www.tmzaragoza.com


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