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The STRATEGIC PLAN for the period of 2005-2009 of Mercazaragoza was developed during the year 2004.

Presentación del Plan Estratégico 2005-2009 [1 de MArzo de 2005]The Strategic Plan continued a rigorous process of Analysis before to the Strategic Planning. This analysis emphasized the endogenous and exogenous factors that affect Mercazaragoza and that must be born in mind to confront the new challenges..

In the making of the Strategic Plan collaborated all the agents involved in the development of the activity of Mercazaragoza: Associations of wholesalers and retailers Works committee. This collaboration is the same in the starting of the Plan, which is for the sake of all, especially of the service to the citizen.

The achieved conclusions remained grouped in FOUR STRATEGIC TRENDS:

Mercazaragoza, management aspect
Mercazaragoza, technical aspect
Mercazaragoza, commercial aspect
Mercazaragoza, logistic aspect

These 4 lines split in turn into 20 targets that subdivide in 52 subtargets and materialize in 95 actions that we will carry out between the years of validity of the plan (2005-2009) to place Mercazaragoza where we want it be and that is the GENERAL TARGET:

“ That Mercazaragoza is the example of logistic food platform of fresh products from the north-east of Spain, with highest alimentary standard of quality and safety"“

Thus every year there will be started the actions that are considered to be suitable in accordance with the requirements of the situation and budgets up to the finished execution of the Strategic Plan.

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